Choosing the right smart products in the digital age

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Knowing one or more foreign languages can be quite helpful when it comes to traveling to another country, working for an overseas company, or studying at an international institution of higher education. However, one cannot always speak the language which is being used during a conversation or lecture, particularly if more than two nationalities are speaking between one another. Additionally, it can be difficult to read and comprehend signs or documents written in a foreign language, especially if the alphabet used is daunting to understand, such as Chinese or Cyrillic. Yet, technology can assist in understanding what is being said by one’s conversation partner or in a document. This can be accomplished through the use of both old and new device known as AI translation machine. But one might wonder what an AI translation device is and how it can help? In the following paragraphs answers to some of the questions regarding these pieces of technology can be found.

Hidden gems: multifunctional products that will make life easier

We are all tired of carrying around hundreds of products that only have one function. It is often that such products are used a couple of times, in the best case scenario, and then thrown away because they have already served their purpose. This, of course, is not only damaging to the environment, because you are creating waste, but also to your wallet that is suffering from your spending on a number of products which can actually be combined into one. Today, there are many hidden gems on the market, merging together the features of hundreds more, and actually doing a great job at it.

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The market is now flooded with products that are “smart”. It is difficult to decide which one is right for you and which will really bring benefits to your life. With all the options you have, you can easily get lost and make the wrong choice, which will result in having a product you will never use. Smart gadgets are often not the cheapest, especially when compared to their analogue siblings. They promise to make your days easier and help you in all kinds of ways, which leaves us spoilt for choice. That is why it is important to be smart when choosing the right smart products.

Essentially, what makes a product smart is the way they are designed and manufactured. Smart products are set apart by their ability to exchange data with their environment and user, as well as other smart products. They can, to some extent, operate autonomously and connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G. 

One of the most popular smart products on the market today is the fitness wristband. Its many functions include counting daily steps, calorie intake and burning, monitoring the heart rate and blood pressure, and tracking activity. However, what makes this SMART Fitness Tracker truly smart is its ability to receive and read social media notifications, view the weather report, and set alarms and reminders. The best thing about this fitness tracker is that it will not only help you keep track of your workouts, but also enhance them by providing data immediately and encouraging you to get better and stay motivated. It is easy to lose track when you are training hard, but this fitness tracker will eliminate the risk of that. Among its many advantages is also the fact that it is durable and waterproof, so you do not have to worry about missing a workout when it is raining. That means that you can even take it to the swimming pool! 

There are many ways to get around town, but if you need to go from point A to point B fast, without increasing your carbon footprint and harming the environment, the best method of transportation is a bicycle. Of course, it is important for your bicycle to be safe, so you need a lock to avoid theft. Why settle for an ordinary one, when you can have the SMART Bicycle Lock? What is unique about this bicycle lock is that it provides extra security because of its added functions. It is keyless, because you do not really need a key. Instead, it pairs up with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and can be monitored and controlled using an app. For maximum safety, this smart bicycle lock sets off an alarm every time it detects danger. That means that if someone tries to unlock it, not only you, but everyone around you will be notified. Might sound extravagant, but it is better to take extra measures to secure your bicycle instead of regret being too negligent later.
When it comes to carrying your personal belongings with you, many prefer to use a backpack. It is a great option, because it is convenient, fits a lot of stuff, but does not burden your back too much. Pretty much everyone has used a backpack in their life, but not many are familiar with the concept of a smart backpack. Perhaps the first question that comes to mind is “How exactly can a backpack be smart?”. Well, it is definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, as it does not receive notifications and emails, but it still does a great deal more than normal backpacks. This SMART Charging Backpack’s unique features include a built-in battery with an USB port which can be used to charge all digital devices. This makes it perfect for people with busy schedules, or forgetful ones, because charging your phone, laptop or fitness tracker has never been easier. All you need to do is connect them to the USB port and let the backpack do the rest. On top of that, it is waterproof, so even the rain cannot stop it from providing a full battery to all your devices. 
Everyone has a different music taste, but ultimately we all listen to music. There are different ways to enjoy your favorite songs, but if you want to combine high sound quality with convenience and an attractive design, the Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the right choice for you. This speaker is easy to pair up with your smart phone or laptop and it is powerful in producing sound that is crystal clear. The interesting thing about it is that apart from playing music from your digital devices, it can also tune into the radio or receive phone calls. That means that wherever you go and whatever you are doing, you have not only a source of entertainment, but also a mini assistant. You can be confident that this smart portable speaker will not let you down with its long-lasting battery and cool design. It is convenient to use in any situation – from when you are cleaning your house to when you are throwing a party. With its LED light effects, it will surely attract all of the attention. 
And speaking of parties, what is life without a little fun? We all deserve to let loose and recharge our batteries in the most fun way possible. Whether going out to the club or throwing a chilled house party is your thing, it is a great idea to have a good time every once in a while. No matter the occasion, it is easy to “go hard or go home”, even if you are actually at home. So, if that happens to be the case, having a Digital Alcohol Tester always comes in handy. It could prove especially useful if you have an important test or exam, or if you intend on driving. Drunk driving is dangerous and completely reckless. With this alcohol tester you could escape the risk of putting others’ lives and your own life in danger. All you need to do is breathe into it and a result will pop up on the screen. Although it is not a smart product in its traditional sense, you have to be smart to have it and use it. 

Smart products are all around us. The ones in this story are just great examples of ones you can never go wrong with. Although you can easily start feeling overwhelmed by all the available choices, taking into account the ways in which you can use them and reviewing their advantages and disadvantages helps. Only then can you be conscious with your choice and outsmart smart products. 

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